A Letter to Me

I’ve always been a sucker for old photos. As I was growing up, my mom made these beautiful photo albums of our family photos, and I still flip through them to this day. When I look at these old pictures, sometimes I put myself back in the shoes of who I was in that moment of time and can’t believe that in those moments I had no idea who I was going to become. Sometimes I think about what I would say to myself in the past if I had the opportunity.
This whole thought process has inspired me to write this post that's a bit of a sentimental self reflection. I challenge you all to take a minute out of your day and do the same, even if you just think about it instead of writing about it. It's really lovely to think about how far you've come and to reflect on different times in your life. If you do write your own letter, feel free to share it with me in the comments!

To my 6 year old self,
I know that school is your FAVORITE thing in the world. Well, I mean, I’m glad you realized this after crying the whole first day of preschool and not allowing your mom to leave the class.  Your love of school is going to set you up for a lifetime of learning and exploring, so never lose that hunger for knowledge! Play outside every chance you get and never say no to a water balloon fight. As much as you want to be a big kid, don't forget that being a little kid is the best thing ever! Give your grandpas lots and lots of hugs for me. Also, stay away from the scissors unless you’re cutting paper and crafts. Cutting your own bangs is never a good idea.

To my 10 year old self,
Look at you go! I'm so proud of you for never being afraid to do what you love, even if that means you gotta hang out with the boys sometimes. You'll find that not everyone thinks a girl should play every sport under the sun, but you'll also find that you're better than a lot of boys and you shouldn't be ashamed of that. Don't let anyone tell you what a girl can and can't do, because you can do whatever you want in this world. You'll accomplish anything you set your mind to and be an unstoppable woman one day! Be fearless and never give up on your passion just because someone says it's not right.

To my 14 year old self,
Hey there. If you would have listened to my advice when you were 6, you wouldn't have to wear your hair in a "poof" until your emo self-cut side bangs grow out... Anyway, freshman year of high school is here. I know that you're nervous for what the next 4 years will bring, but believe me when I say that you are going to transform in ways you can't even imagine possible. Always have the courage to do what your heart says is the right thing to do. Know your worth and your beauty. Be kind to yourself, and allow your body and mind to grow and be healthy! In high school, you will make friends who you will share countless laughs and memories with, and you will set yourself up to get into a great college (which is even more fun than high school)! By the way, if you ever feel like you want to quit cheerleading and do speech and theater instead, it's worth it. Trust me.

To my 20 year old self,
Having a good time in Miami? I bet. College brings a lot of ups and downs, and I'm fully aware that everything that is happening to you at this moment seems like the biggest deal in the world. I want to remind you to take a deep breath, chill out, and let fate take hold of your future and where it goes. Every single person who walks in your life is there for a reason, and the ones who walk out of it leave for a reason as well. Spend all the time you can with your friends. They're really amazing people, and you'll miss them dearly in a few years! And finally, get pumped... cause what you have 5 years down the road is pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself.