Small Business Feature: Buu Buttons

As a new grad nurse, one of the most exciting parts of starting my job was finally getting my RN badge. No more "NURSING STUDENT" in bright red letters plastered on my badge - I was now official! After receiving my standard badge reel, I was quick to switch it out with the cutest little button style reel from a fellow nurse's small business, Buu Buttons.

My adorable floral reel from Buu Buttons
The creator of Buu Buttons is a full time ER nurse who started making the buttons as a hobby. Her friends loved what she was making, and her hobby quickly became much more than just a craft. She updates her online store frequently with new designs, and you can find sneak peeks of what's next to come on her Instagram account. Buu Buttons has no minimum order number and shipping only costs $0.99. My Buu Button badge has already earned me quite a few compliments, and it works well with no tangling/sticking of the reel.
I mean, come on. How cute is this Chewie button?
Support this small business by checking out her designs and ordering some adorable badges for yourself and your friends! I know you want to!

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